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Borsa AdıC-Patex
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Web sitesi https://c-patex.com/
C-Patex kripto para borsası hakkında alım satım hacimleri, işlem çiftleri ve toplam ticaret hacmi verilerine bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz.

C-PatEx is a digital asset platform, based in Argentina. It offers low-cost trading in quite a lot cryptocurrencies. In order to use C-PatEx, crypto-traders need to verify their e-mail address. To withdraw, they must verified their identity either by Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or a code sent via SMS. C-PatEx is a a relatively small exchange, launched and operated by a family team from Patagonia, Argentina. Behind the brand is the company MAG Sistemas, founded and managed by Miguel Angel Grau.

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