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Siteye Git
Borsa AdıOolongswap
Hacim (24 saat) $8,743.87
0.324051 BTC
kuruluş yılıN/A
Web sitesi https://oolongswap.com
Oolongswap kripto para borsası hakkında alım satım hacimleri, işlem çiftleri ve toplam ticaret hacmi verilerine bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz.

"As Boba’s first native AMM, it is Oolong’s mission to create the best exchange, offer best users experience and deepest liquidity for Boba users. But that’s not it. our long term vision is to become the gateway between Boba and the rest of DeFi world. We want to help expand the Boba ecosystem by building a DEX that is suitable for all, by creating a healthy environment--- help growing other Boba projects while educating new users on DeFi knowledge. We are building our Ooniverse one sip at a time!"

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