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Platypus Finance
Platypus Finance
Siteye Git
Borsa AdıPlatypus Finance
Hacim (24 saat) $685,926.30
24.69 BTC
kuruluş yılıN/A
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Platypus Finance kripto para borsası hakkında alım satım hacimleri, işlem çiftleri ve toplam ticaret hacmi verilerine bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz.

Platypus has redefined stableswaps and reinvented stablecoins. Masterfully utilizing Platypus’ underlying assets brings next-level capital efficiency which solves the long-standing problem of liquidity fragmentation in traditional DeFi. With an open liquidity pool stableswap and single-sided liquidity provision, we redefine the concept of liquidity equilibrium allowing for the integration of new assets, more use cases for the single-sided LP tokens, and organic growth of assets based on supply and demand. Platypus further utilizes its capital to mint stablecoins: the USP - all of these innovations neatly wrapped in one sleek user interface.

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